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Outriggers, spikes and feet - the finishing touch for your loudspeakers!

Stainless Steel spike / M8 x 45mm - EUR. 1,25 each
Stainless Steel nut / M8 - EUR. 0,25 each
Stainless Steel capped nut / M8 - EUR. 0,45 each
Solid stainless steel disc / 60 x 25mm / M8 thread - EUR. 14,95 each
Solid stainless steel outrigger / 350 x 50 x 8mm / M8 - EUR. 34,95 each
Black Steel spike / M8 x 40mm - EUR. 0,90 each
Black Steel insert / M8 x 19mm - EUR. 0,50 each
Black Steel nut / M8 - EUR. 0,15 each
Black Steel protection disc / 20 x 5mm - EUR. 0,65 each


To make your loudspeakers look really professional, you might want to consider placing them on spikes. Not only does it make them look good, as if they are "floating", it also has a few practical benefits. More often than not the floor that loudspeakers stand on is not 100% flat nor level, just look at a wooden floor or carpet. Using height-adjustable spikes or feet makes them very stable and prevents them from wobbling. If a loudspeaker can move a little it will compromise bass definition due to the fact that part of the energy from the moving woofer cone will be lost in "rocking" the loudspeaker instead of producing clean bass. I offer a range of options and combinations to suit your needs and your budget. They vary from simple, low-cost black steel spikes to heavy duty disc-feet and outriggers CNC-machined from solid, type 304 stainless steel. All items have M8 screw-thread so they are interchangeable and can be mixed in any combination you need. High quality M8 inserts are also available if you want to make your own, low-cost outriggers from wood.

Outriggers CNC-machined from solid, grade A2 type 304 stainless steel. The top and all visable edges are hand brushed, the bottom is sanded for a smooth finish. The outriggers have two M8 screw threads for spikes and two 5mm mounting holes for counter-sunk screws. Size: LxWxH 350 x 50 x 8mm; weight 1050 grammes (just over a kilo each!). Very heavy duty outrigger suitable for any loudspeaker up to about 300mm wide.

Disc-feet CNC-machined from solid, grade A2 type 304 stainless steel. All sides and edges are machine brushed. The discs have M8 internal screw thread. Size: DxH 60 x 25 with a 2,5mm bevelled edge; weight 545 grammes (just over half a kilo each!). Very heavy duty disc suitable as height adjustable loudspeaker feet or component feet.

Various spikes and nuts to mix-and-match. Stainless Steel spike / M8 x 45mm / Grade A4 / DIN 914 / with internal hexagon socket head and cone point / weight 13 grammes Stainless Steel nut / M8 / Grade A4 / DIN439 / weight 3 grammes Stainless Steel capped nut / M8 / Grade A4 / DIN1587 / weight 9 grammes Black Steel spike / M8 x 40mm / black oxide steel / weight 11 grammes / with spike point Black Steel insert / M8 x 19mm / black oxide steel / weight 6 grammes / for 10mm hole in wood Black Steel nut / M8 / black oxide steel / weight 3 grammes Black Steel protection disc / black oxide steel / diametre 20mm / height 5mm / weight 12 grammes.

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