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Tony Gee, founder and owner of Humble Homemade Hifi and tg-acoustics has been into music and audio from a very young age. Even during primary school years he was experimenting with old valve radio's and full-range drivers. At the age of fourteen he was able to buy his first bass-guitar and he formed his own band. Later on he also took-up playing the double-bass. He studied arts at the teaching academy and architectural design at the art academy. Meanwhile, with over 30 years of experience in loudspeaker design and various publications in audio magazines, his name has become widely known in the international world of loudspeakers.

Humble Homemade Hifi was first started in the year 2000 and featured many projects, idea's and concepts for the DIY enthousiast to try out and play around with. After eleven years Humble Homemade Hifi migrated to a new format. All the old projects were then archived. Here you can see a selection of projects that were realized between 2000 and 2010. The original articles of a large number of these projects can be found at the download section of this website.

• Black Box • Andromeda Mk-I • Andromeda Mk-II • Auriga • Bass-Rig • Humble Kit Diamond •

• Scanspeak MTM • Scanspeak 2-way • USB • Indus • Capella Mk-I • KEF-MTM • Lyra Mk-II • Rigo • Open Baffled •

• Classic • DD8 Mk-II • Classic-XL • Eidoclone • Soup Sandwich Mk-I • Cup-a-Soup • DD8 Mk-I •

• Paper HATT • Dynaudio Esotar Slimline • Extremon • Capella Mk-II •

• Audax TMM • PC Monitor • Scanspeak Classic Home Cinema • Fraho •

• Nebular Monitor • Pipeline • HATT-SE Mk-II • Solo-201 •

• GeerS-Audio Provenance Mk-II • Flexy Table Plus • HATT Mk-I • Galactica • HATT Mk-III • FR-WR • Mezzo Andromeda •

• Lyra Mk-I • HATT-SE Mk-I • Serious Sub • Humble Statement • Flexy Table Reference • HATT Mk-IIIC •

• LBS • Mezzo Proteus • Modulus • Optimo • Mezzo Galactica •

• PHL Mini Monitor • Progress • Proteus • Solo-103 • Phlea •

• Soup Ceramique Mk-II • Steve • The Monitor • Soup Ceramique Mk-I • Phlea • Tempo • Solo-206 •

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