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Welcome to Humble Homemade Hifi! All the information and components you will need for building your own, high quality loudspeakers. The loudspeaker kits are designed using the latest in simulation and measurement software and have had many hours "in the field" before they are approved for release as high quality DIY loudspeaker kits. This ensures proven and well balanced products that will satisfy the most discerning music lovers for years to come. These loudspeakers are available in cost effective kit form for you to build yourself or as matched and fully tested finished products. Furthermore we supply all the parts and components the DIY loudspeaker builder needs. A small selection of these components can be found at our webshop.

The all new Otello monitor, less is more! Selected and matched components featuring the new Jantzen Audio Litz Wire Wax Coil inductors, Duelund CAST Silver Graphite resistors, Hovland SuperCap capacitors and more. Available from stock for EUR. 349,- each.

The all new Plutone monitor. Pure and breath-taking sound by means of high quality drivers working in coherent synergy with the optimised cabinet and crossover. The whole crossover consists of only three components! No resistors! Real 90dB's efficiency and 8 ohm impedance. "The whole is greater than the sum of its parts” as Aristotle once said. The Plutone monitor - coming soon!

Another major activity at Humble Homemade Hifi is that of designing and building extremely high quality, tailor made loudspeakers. We are able to offer solutions for those who are looking for something unique, something tailor-made to your specifications and that can compete with the absolute best in high-end audio. We work closely together with experienced furniture craftsmen and suppliers of very high-grade components to realise an end product that meets the highest quality level in sound that is possible.

Humble Homemade Hifi Concerto-II, ex-demo, Sikkens G8.60.60 high-gloss piano green, EUR. 749,- per matched pair excl. shipping. Concertante, ex-demo, oiled Americam Walnut Burl real wood veneer, EUR. 598,- per matched pair excl. shipping. These loudspeakers are in perfect working order and show only very minor traces of use. They come with 3 months guarantee.

CIARE 18.00W3 The Ciare 18.00W3 is a studio monitor quality 18-inch woofer with extremely low mechanical losses (Qms = 26,06) and an Rms value comparable with those of high quality 7-inch hifi midwoofers; large ferrite magnet; Normal price EUR. 329,- each. Stock clearance: only one pair for sale for EUR. 199,- each. Packaging has been opened, but otherwise new.

SEAS M14NP/H0452 The SEAS M14NP/H0452 is a a special clear XP-cone version of the 5-inch SEAS MP14RCY midrange, very flat response and easy to use; Stock clearance: one used pair for sale for EUR. 35,- each.

Wavecor PR310WA01 12" passive radiator. The Wavecor PR310WA01 is a passive unit designed for dedicated subwoofer applications - as a partner to the SW263WA01 above. Due to low mechanical losses the PR310WA01 masters equally well low level details and extreme dynamic requirements. For demanding subwoofer applications using a passive unit is usually the only real alternative to sealed enclosures with active bass boost. To make experimenting and individual tuning convenient and easy, the PR310WA01 is delivered with three separate extra loads that are easily applied onto a threaded rod on the rear side of the cone. Normal price EUR. 180,- each, now for the special price of only EUR. 99,- each! Stock clearance: only 1 to sell!

One matched pair of repaired Accuton C30-6-358 ceramic tweeters. In perfect working order, frequency and impedance measurements on request. Accuton price: EUR. 756,- per pair; Stock clearance: one used pair for sale SOLD.

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