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Humble Homemade Hifi Speakers are designed using state of the art simulation and measurement software and have had many hours "in the field" before they are approved for release as high quality DIY loudspeaker kits. This creates a reliable and balanced product that will give the critical music lover listening pleasure for years to come. These speakers are available in kit form to build yourself, experience with woodworking and being able to solder can come in handy. To rule out any difficulties with the crossovers, they are supplied pre-assembled, matched and tested.

Nova Andromeda

Mezzo Calpamos

At Humble Homemade Hifi we are convinced that a crossover is the most important part of any loudspeaker and we therefore pay great attention to how our crossovers are built. Not only do we select specific, high grade components for their sound quality and overall synergy but we also spend extreme detail to electrically matching these components. All components have production and material tolerances so it is imperative that each crossover component we use is hand-picked and accurately matched. The end result of all this attention to detail is loudspeakers that sound much more spatious and more coherent.

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