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The Humble Homemade Hifi archive contains old projects and articles that are no longer supported. The original articles of a large number of these projects can be downloaded from this page as pdf-format. Some drivers have been discontinued and are therefore no longer available, but the articles may still be of interest to read.

Andromeda Mk-I (Focal Audiom 13KX + Scanspeak 18W8545 + Focal TC120Tdx2) Andromeda Mk-I.pdf

Andromeda Mk-II (Eton 12-680/62HEX + Scanspeak 18W8545 + Focal Audiom TLR) Andromeda Mk-II.pdf

Auriga (2x Audax HM170Z18 + Focal TC120Tdx2 / TC120TD5) Auriga.pdf

Bass Rig (Ciare 18.00Ndw + Ciare 15.00Ndw1 + Celestion HF-50) Bass Rig.pdf

Black Box (Dayton RS270S-8 + Dayton RS52AN-8 + Dayton RS28A-4) Black Box.pdf

Classic (Seas CA22RNX-H1288 + Scanspeak D2904/7100) Classic.pdf

Concert Sub (Scanspeak 26W/4558T00) Concert Sub.pdf

Concertante (Scanspeak 12W/8524G00 + Scanspeak D2010/8511) Concertante.pdf

Concertino (Scanspeak 15W/8434G00 + Scanspeak D2604/8330) Concertino.pdf

Concerto (2x Scanspeak 15W/8434G00 + Scanspeak D2604/8330) Concerto.pdf

Concerto II (2x Scanspeak 15W/8434G00 + Seas 27TBC/G-H1147 + Visaton WG 148 R) Concerto-II.pdf

Cup-a-Soup (Accuton C90-6-089 + Accuton C25-6-012) Cup-a-Soup.pdf

DD8 Mk-I (Seas L17RE/P-H1008 / L17REX/P-H1006 + Seas 27TAFC/G-H883) DD8 Mk-I.pdf

DD8 Mk-II (Seas L18RNX/P1-H1142 + Seas 27TBFC/G-H1212) DD8 Mk-II.pdf

Euridice (Accuton C173-6-191E + Accuton C30-6-358 + 2x Accuton P173) Euridice.pdf

Extremon (Adire Audio Extremis 6.8 + Seas 22TAF/G-H1283) Extremon.pdf

Flexy Table Plus (hifi rack) Flexy Table Plus.pdf

Flexy Table Reference (hifi rack) Flexy Table Reference.pdf

Galactica (Ciare NDH 15-4S + PHL 4531 + PHL 1130 + Seas Excel T29CF001-E0038) Galactica.pdf

HATT Mk-I + Mk-II (Seas L11RCY/P-H0760 + Seas 19TAF/D-H0561) HATT Mk-I + Mk-II.pdf

HATT Mk-III (Seas L12RCY/P-H1207 + Seas 27TBFG-H1214) HATT Mk-III.pdf

HATT Mk-III-C (Seas L12RCY/P-H1207 + Accuton C25-6-012) HATT Mk-III-C.pdf

HATT-SE Mk-I (Seas Excel W12CY001-E0021 + Seas Prestige 27TAFC/G-H0883) HATT-SE Mk-I.pdf

HATT-SE Mk-II (Seas Excel W12CY001-E0021 + Seas Prestige 27TBCDGB-DXT / H1499) HATT-SE Mk-II.pdf

L' Orfeo (Scanspeak 18WU/8741T00 + Mundorf AMT 2510c) L' Orfeo.pdf

LBS (2x Monacor SPH-176 + Monacor DT-254) LBS.pdf

Mezzo Galactica (Ciare NDH 15-3 + PHL 1130 + Seas Excel T29CF001-E0038) Mezzo Galactica.pdf

Mezzo Proteus (Seas CB17RCY/P-H0571 + Seas Excel T25CF001-E0006) Mezzo Proteus.pdf

Modulus (Seas CA26RE4X-H1316 + Seas CA12RCY/DM-H1152 + Celeritas RB100 / Aurum Cantus G3-Si) Modulus.pdf

Nebular Monitor (Seas L16RNX-H1488-04 + Seas 27TBCD/GB-DXT-H1499) Nebular Monitor.pdf

Optimo (Scanspeak 18W/4531G00 + Scanspeak R2904/7000) Optimo.pdf

Orfeo (Scanspeak 18WU/8741T00 + Scanspeak D3004/6640) Orfeo.pdf

Paper HATT (Seas CA12RCY-H1152 + Seas 27TTFNC/GW-H1461 / Seas 27TDFNC/GW-H1462) Paper HATT.pdf

Phlea (PHL 1280 + Vifa XT25TG30-04 / Scanspeak R2604/8320) Phlea.pdf

Pipeline (16x Hi-Vi / Swans B3S) Pipeline.pdf

Progress (Seas L26RFX/P-H1209 + Scanspeak 18W/8531G00 + Scanspeak 12M/4631G00 + R2904/7000) Progress.pdf

Proteus (2x Seas CB17RCY/P-H0571 + Seas Excel T25CF001-E0006) Proteus.pdf

Serious Sub (2x Precision Devices PD2150) Serious Sub.pdf

Solo-103 (Fostex FE103 a.k.a. ACR FE103) Solo-103.pdf

Solo-201 (Ciare HX-201) Solo-201.pdf

Solo-206 (Fostex FE206E) Solo-206.pdf

Soup Ceramique (Accuton C220-6-221 + Accuton C90-6-089 + Accuton C25-6-012) Soup Ceramique Mk-II.pdf

Soup Sandwich (Eton 8-472/32LH + Accuton C90-6-079 + Accuton C25-6-012) Soup Sandwich.pdf

Speranza (2x Scanspeak 22W/8857T00 + Scanspeak 15M/4531K00 + Scanspeak R3004/6620) Speranza.pdf

Tempo (Vifa PL18W0-09-08 + Seas 27TFF-H0831) Tempo.pdf

The Monitor (Audio Technology C-Quenze 18 H 52 17 06 SD+ Hiquphon OW-II) The Monitor.pdf

USB Mk-I (Seas T18RE COAX-TVFC-H1144) USB Mk-I.pdf

USB Mk-II (Seas Prestige T18RE/XFCTV2-H1333) USB Mk-II.pdf

Orfeo Speranza Euridice Concerto II Geers eVe-II Soup Ceramique MK-III

Concertante Concert Sub Concerto Concertino Concerto II

Black Box Andromeda MK-I Andromeda MK-II Auriga Bass-Rig Humble Kit Diamond

Scanspeak MTM Scanspeak 2-way USB Indus Capella MK-I KEF-MTM Lyra MK-II Rigo Open Baffled

Classic DD8 MK-II Classic-XL Eidoclone Soup Sandwich MK-I Cup-a-Soup DD8 MK-I

Paper HATT Dynaudio Esotar Slimline Extremon Capella MK-II

Audax TMM PC Monitor Scanspeak Classic Home Cinema Fraho

Nebular Monitor Pipeline HATT-SE MK-II Solo-201

GeerS-Audio Provenance MK-II Flexy Table Plus HATT MK-I Galactica HATT MK-III FR-WR Mezzo Andromeda

Lyra MK-I HATT-SE MK-I Serious Sub Humble Statement Flexy Table Reference HATT MK-IIIC

LBS Mezzo Proteus Modulus Optimo Mezzo Galactica

PHL Mini Monitor Progress Proteus Solo-103 Phlea

Soup Ceramique MK-II Steve The Monitor Soup Ceramique MK-I Phlea Tempo Solo-206

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