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Our order portfolio is currently full until january 2022. We look forward to receiving new orders after that date. We thank you for your understanding.

One of the activities at Humble Homemade Hifi is designing and building extremely high quality, tailor made loudspeakers. With nearly 35 years of experience in loudspeaker design, acoustics and interior architecture, Humble Homemade Hifi is able to offer solutions for those who are looking for something unique, something tailor-made to your specifications and that can compete with the absolute best in high-end audio. We work closely together with experienced furniture craftsmen and suppliers of very high-grade components to realise an end product that meets the highest quality level in sound that is possible - exactly as you want it. Humble Homemade Hifi creates custom solutions for the discerning music lover.

What our customers say ...........

"I finally found time to finish off the speakers and get them home and onto the end of my Graaf GM70 valve amps. I have to say I wasn't expecting the increase in sound quality and musicality these speakers have given me. Obviously they are still bedding down at the moment, but even so they sound absolutely incredible and are the best speakers I have ever heard - and I've heard a lot of speakers! They gel perfectly in my system. I think the recipe for your crossovers is a fantastic achievement and thank you so much for all your help, and being super-reactive to my queries. I know these speakers will give me hours and hours of deep enjoyment in the future so thanks a million. The enclosures were made by sandwiching 4mm birch ply and 1mm aluminium as a composite. The baffles were made out of 3 layers of 9mm high density mdf with 2 layers of 1mm aluminium sandwiched in between, and I used a very high specification glue to achieve all these bonds. They sound absolutely incredible! All the equipment is sitting on a Flexi Table Reference Plus - also a great bit of kit. David Hall, UK."
Loudspeakers designed by Humble Homemade Hifi, cabinets built by David Hall Bespoke Furniture.

"For 3 years, the eVe's have delivered a coherent, natural, spacious, and mature sound that I have come to love. The Andromeda Mk-III energizes my 52m2 room effortlessly such that the sonic virtues of the eVe's can now be suited to a smaller room. This no-compromise design is the closest to a visceral live performance, surpassing anything I've witnessed in a home setting. From top to bottom, the music is balanced, coherent, uncolored, and detailed. I couldn't ask for anything more. Bass impact can be heard and felt in the gut - deep, tight, and well articulated. Compared to the Scan-Speak Classic based eVe's, the Illuminator drivers have more dynamics, clarity, openness, and low level detail. The level of transparency allows for better micro-details and finer nuances. The separation of instruments is discernable in orchestral music with better edge delineation than my eVe's. Full maturity settled in after 200 hrs of use. The Jantzen Audio Superior Z-Cap + Mundorf EVO Oil large value mid cap create a well balanced, wonderfully spacious, and tonally rich midrange with an image depth and width that extend beyond the speakers. The Mundorf Supreme Silver Oil + Audyn Reference for the tweeter produce a refined, open, and airy top end with excellent micro detailing that's never fatiguing. The fluid and smooth nature imparts an analog smoothness to harsh and edgy digital music making extended periods of listening a joy. No one region of the spectrum is highlighted. Vocals and acoustic instruments are exquisitely refined and airy. Piano music comes through very realistically, with wide dynamic range, full-bodied, and open. The recent addition of the Duelund Silver Bypass Caps on the mid and tweeter were noticeable in enhancing transparency and immediacy even more. Many thanks, Tony, for your patience, expertise, and sharing your vast experience. Having heard the B&W 801, Snell Illusions, this custom designed Andromeda Mk-III easily competes with world class speakers above $35k+. I'm forever discovering new nuances, instruments, and detail in my music collection. Wow! Best Regards, George Vosgerichian, USA."

"In a word... SPOOKY. And I mean that in a good way. They were just silent! What fun! These world class speakers are just as advertised. Mesmerizing. Background: I consider myself to have three reference points when listening to stereo. First; The pleasant and musical sound of systems of the sixties (before things started going exotic). Second is the dynamic sound of the (what they now call) Heritage Klipsch compression horn-loaded speakers of the seventies. And third; Is the Infinity Reference Standard 1B loudspeakers, that no, I couldn’t afford, but literally brought tears to my eyes. (“Cry like a Rainstorm”, Linda Ronstadt. Yeah, even though that was some thirty years ago, I remember it like yesterday. It is still one of my reference albums.) I have found the characteristics of all three in the Andromeda MK II's. I am especially impressed that a “paper” driver like the Scan-Speaks can sound so.., uhhh, exotic. And dynamic, must be the double magnets. Of special note is for the first time I hear not only the accurate rendition of the sound of the percussion of the stick against the skin of the drum, but I swear also the depth of the sound of resonating through the shell. Wow, never ever noticed that before! An example of a special joy is the realism of Lionel Hampton’s vibraphone. It just pulls you in, visualizations and everything. Finally, and it took me a while to figure this out, but there is some quality that I couldn’t grasp for the first month or more. Briefly describing it, it was like each sound, vocal, etc, was in its own little universe. Now it has been about two decades since I owned any tube equipment, but finally there it was. These speakers admit some kind of tube quality from solid state. Admittedly I may be just imagining this, or maybe this is the spooky quality these speakers portray. In a nutshell: when I am critically listening to the music and tearing the source material apart, I can do that, or if I just want to bob back and forth with the music, I can do that too. What fun! So Tony, thanks for the help and advice while I was building the Andromeda MK IIs. Gratefully yours, Brant, USA."

Below an couple of examples of loudspeakers based on the Soup Ceramique built to the client's specifications. On the left with an Accuton 8-inch ceramic woofer, a 5-inch ceramic mid woofer and a 3/4-inch ceramic tweeter with cabinets made from 30mm thick (baffle 60mm) Marine Grade Baltic Birch plywood finished with book-matched and mirrored American Walnut veneer. On the right with two Audax 7-inch Aerogel woofers, a 4-inch ceramic midrange and a 3/4-inch ceramic tweeter with cabinets made from 30mm thick (baffle 60mm) mdf finished with book-matched ash veneer. Further high-lights: huge, custom wound and impregnated Mundorf VT-390 transformer type inductor with 6x2mm flat-wire, Intertechnik Audyn True Copper capacitors, Finite Elemente Cerabase Classic and Soundcare Super Spike component feet, WBT Nextgen binding-posts, cryogenically treated Furutech Alpha S-14 internal wiring, etc.

A subwoofer for hifi and home-cinema use with two 18-inch woofers, mounted back to back on each side of the cabinet. The woofers work in a so called impulse compensated configuration. Big drivers are capable of moving huge amounts of air however, at the same time the mechanical forces involved can cause unwanted side effects. These two woofers work back-to-back so the opposite forces compensate each other and unwanted vibrations are cancelled. The heavily braced cabinet is made from 18mm thick / 13 layer and 40mm thick / 28 layer Marine Grade Baltic Birch plywood, epoxy coated and then finished with several coats of semi-gloss deep black spray-paint. The total weight is 140 kg's and the subwoofer is powered by an efficient 500 watt BASH plate amplifier with parametric EQ. Bandwidth +/-1dB is 14Hz to 37Hz with a usable bandwidth of -3dB from 13,2Hz to 39Hz or -6dB from 12,4Hz to 42Hz. Notice the cd for size reference!

The following is an example of a three-way loudspeaker system built to the client's specifications (shape, size and driver configuration) with two 7-inch Nomex Kevlar woofers per side, a 5-inch ceramic midrange and a 3/4-inch ceramic tweeter. The heavily braced cabinets are made from a combination of 18mm and 30mm thick Marine Grade Baltic Birch plywood with an extra top layer of book-matched birch veneer. This system is a completely active set-up with DEQX digital crossovers and room correction, all driven by no less than six Pass Laboratories monoblock amplifiers. The details show some of the the CNC-machined internal bracing elements from which the cabinets are assembled and the rear of one of the loudspeakers with multiple Furutech binding-posts and Furutech internal wiring to connect the individual amplifiers to.

Another example of a three-way loudspeaker system built to the client's specifications with four 11-inch woofers per side (two on the front and two on the rear), a 7-inch ceramic midrange with custom wound voice-coil impedance and a 1-inch diamond tweeter. The heavily braced cabinets are made from 40mm thick / 28 layer Marine Grade Baltic Birch plywood with a top layer of book-matched American walnut veneer. Tastefully finished with 10 coats of high-gloss clear varnish. Eye for detail: the woofer section of the crossover of the loudspeakers. Note the paralleling of many small capacitors and the bypass capacitor to obtain the large main value of several hundreds of microfarads of a low frequency correction-network. On the right, the matched pair of ceramic midrange drivers with user-specified voice-coil impedance.

No part of this website may be reproduced in any form without written or e-mail consent from the author. The designs are free to use for private DIY-purposes only, commercial use is strictly prohibited. Humble Homemade Hifi is a subsidiary of tg-acoustics - Chamber of Commerce 37138402 - The Netherlands
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